About Us

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Cereal Byproducts Company has provided its customers with up to the minute market information on feed ingredient pricing, availability, as well as the latest trends. We  serve our customers by introducing them to ingredients that  help lower their overall feed costs. We arrange transport of the goods, and can also have them shipped in bulk, totes, or 50 lb. bags.

Whether you are making a feed for beef cattle, dairy, poultry, pets, birds, insects, reptiles, large or small mammals, we have the ingredients that will fit into your formulas.  We have helped food companies, grain elevators and all types of companies that have some manner of organic material that can’t be used for human consumption.  We have done this by gathering all of the necessary information and then finding a solution to this matter.  We handle everything from dry to wet waste, pallet quantity to truckloads and railcar quantities.

When we buy this material from a company they can count on the following; excellent service & follow through. Our vendors also know that when they sell something to Cereal Byproducts, they are going to get paid.

We know you spend a lot of money for feed ingredients. We work hard to save you time and money.  Our team of ingredient specialists is ready to talk with you, your nutritionist, or your production team to help you with this part of your business.  Call us today to discuss what you have at your facility and let us work to find a smooth running, profitable solution.